Club Activities at Forest Park Preschool 

Our Extended Day programming includes a variety of Clubs to both excite and engage the young mind. Including educational and age-appropriate curriculum is paramount to growth and prepares our children to step into their future.

Our special Club Activities include :


    Studies indicate that the introduction of YOGA for the young child is extremely beneficial.  The students experience the art of relaxation, combined with the benefit of contentment.  Self-regulation is a learned technique brought forth through very specific YOGA poses; use of scent; soft lighting; and tranquil music.  Additionally, specific literature is incorporated.


    On the surface SOCCER CLUB is a sport filled with physicality, however for the young child it teaches so much more. Soccer will tap on a varied developmental skill-set which includes teamwork; sportsmanship; and cooperation.  It is a simple way to introduce respect for one another.


    An introduction to Art History is CULTURE CLUB’S primary focus.  The young child is both uninhibited and creative. An artist-study corresponds to our monthly theme.  Ultimately the children create their own masterpieces, utilizing a variety of mediums.  Table easels are provided, as well as age-appropriate artist biographies.  Some artists touched upon are Van Gogh, Kandinsky and Warhol.


    COOKING CLUB not only provides healthy tasty treats, it introduces the preschool child to STEM (science; technology; engineering; math) activities.  Studies have proven that an introduction to these concepts at a young age encourages brain development within these areas.  Skills include measuring; weighing; prediction; patterns; combining; transforming and problem solving.

For more information about our fantastic preschool program with these Club Activities, please call (718) 896-4444

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