Screen time for children not really that “bad”, specialists say. | UPK in Rego Park 11374

We have seen the stats and heeded the warnings about too much screen time for the kids. Now experts are saying it may actually be good for them. Screens are part of modern daily life — our phones are computers, tablets and laptops are mandatory in most schools, and we have unfettered access t

Kids Could Be Suffering From This Sleeping Issue. | UPK in Rego Park 11374

Adults are not the only ones suffering anymore, but even the little ones can snore while they’re asleep. While experts suggests not to get alarmed in most cases here’s why you must not take it lightly if the problem persists. Also, what signs to look for and when exactly to seek medical

Could your child’s car seat be hazardous? | upk in rego park 11374

Before buying a child’s car seat, parents should carefully review safety ratings for the all of brands and models on the market. (upk in rego park 11374)