Why your Kids Love those YouTube Videos. | Best Preschool in Rego Park

Toddlers crave power. Too bad for them, they have none. Hence the tantrums and crazy and out of this world demands. They just want to be in charge! This desire for autonomy clarifies so much about the behavior of a very small human. It also begins to explain the popularity of YouTube among toddlers

Screen time for children not really that “bad”, specialists say. | UPK in Rego Park 11374

We have seen the stats and heeded the warnings about too much screen time for the kids. Now experts are saying it may actually be good for them. Screens are part of modern daily life — our phones are computers, tablets and laptops are mandatory in most schools, and we have unfettered access t

Playing outdoors prevents children short sighted. | Camp in Rego Park

Children who spend less time outdoors and do not play much sport are more likely to be near-sighted, new research suggests. They also have lower levels of vitamin D and a higher body mass index, the large study found. It’s more evidence that points the finger at lifestyle changes for the ala

Why do Children ave Night Terrors. | Preschool in Rego Park

Night terrors can be frightening episodes that leave sufferers feeling terrified and tired from a lack of sleep. Here’s all you need to know about the sleep disorder, which is especially common in young children. Night terrors are common in young children but can also affect adults(Preschool