Night terrors can be frightening episodes that leave sufferers feeling terrified and tired from a lack of sleep. Here’s all you need to know about the sleep disorder, which is especially common in young children. Night terrors are common in young children but can also affect adults(Preschool in Rego Park)

What are night terrors?

A night terror is a scene amid rest like a bad dream however is significantly more sensational. They occur as individuals move starting with one period of rest then onto the next and is believed to be a sudden response to the move. They for the most part happen a few hours into rest and regularly observe sufferers begin to shout and flail uncontrollably in bed. They can last up to a few minutes and happen a few times throughout a night. In any case, individuals are not completely wakeful when they endure these night fear and frequently have no memory of them the following morning. Furthermore, regardless of their unnerving nature, they don’t for the most part cause any long haul mental damage.(Preschool in Rego Park)

How are night terrors different in children and adults?

Night terrors are very common in small children and many suffer from them, but eventually grow out of them. However adults can also experience them but are often linked to stress, trauma or other mental health conditions. There are many factors that can trigger night terrors, including trauma and stress. Other conditions such as sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome and migraines can also be a trigger for night terrors.

What causes night terrors?

Night terrors in children are caused by a variety of different factors but are more common in those who have a family history of sleepwalking. Other triggers can include how tired your little one is as well as certain types of medication they may be taking. Factors such as excitement, anxiety, a sudden noise or even a full bladder can also trigger night terrors. (Preschool in Rego Park)In adults, the same triggers can cause night terrors as well as taking medication such as antidepressants. Although night terrors can be upsetting to watch, the sufferer usually has no recollection of it the next morning

How can you stop night terrors?

Although night terrors can be upsetting for parents to watch, the best way for them to handle them is just to wait it out. Most children outgrow night terrors and will eventually be able to sleep normally. However, there are several tips parents can follow to reduce the chance of night terrors. These include reducing a child’s stress, sticking to a bed time routine and making sure they don’t get too tired. If this doesn’t work, you should take your youngster to see their GP, to make sure an easily-treated medical condition is not causing them. GPs can also refer children to specialist sleep experts if the night terrors have become particularly bad. Adults are also advised to see their GP, especially if they think the terrors can be caused by a traumatic event, which could require counselling.

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