Instead of “Stop Crying”, Try Saying this to Kids. | Day care in Rego Park 11374

  If you have kids, then you have crying. They cry because their brother got to the door first, because they tried to ride two scooters at once and fell, because they are dressed as Batman but do not want to be addressed as Batman by other shoppers in the supermarket. There are so many [&hellip

Regular Milk is still better than Formula for Toddlers. | Child care in Forest Hills 11375

Marketers target our insecurities and vulnerabilities and, if ever there was a soft target, it’s parents of small children. So anything marketed as being beneficial to their physical or mental development is likely to have a good “uptake”. Enter Growing Up formulas, sold as formula

Packing your kids Lunch boxes, the right way. | Daycare in Forest Hills 11375

Sending your toddler to school isn’t easy. There’s the task of finding the right school, choosing a backpack, and drop them off for the first time. Of course, depending on the type of program, you might also have to pack a lunch for your kid. That can be tough because A, you’ve never done it [