Here is a simple question for you that can make a difference: If you’re expecting trick-or-treaters for Halloween, would you consider handing out anything other than candy? While it may seem risky, blogger Sally Squires said researchers have tested kids’ trick-or-treat preferences. And they found that trick-or-treaters have been willing to accept other options — such as toys for example.(daycare in rego park 11374)

“About 15 years ago, a group of Yale researchers looked at this question and found that for kids between the ages of 4 and 15, when offered a choice of a toy or a candy treat, they would take the toy about as often as they took the candy,” Squires said.(daycare in rego park 11374)

Squires said she thinks there may be one slight flaw in that study because the candy that researchers offered did not include chocolate.“There were lollipops, Sweet Tarts and many other kinds of candy … but there was no chocolate in there. And I do wonder if there had been chocolate, if the kids would have chosen the toys as much,” she said.
No sweet tooth, no problem: Halloween treats that aren’t candy

Here are a few treats to include into trap or treater’s swag packs rather than, or expansion to, the run of the mill sugary desserts this Halloween. In any case, she says the investigation and the idea of giving out little, reasonable toys may give guardians extra Halloween alternatives on the off chance that they need to decrease the measure of treat they disseminate.

She likewise reminded guardians to consider mixing what they offer. For instance, dull chocolate isn’t as sweet as drain chocolate, and children tend not to eat as quite a bit of it. So on the off chance that you need to eliminate both utilization and calories, blend in more dim chocolate with your Halloween sweet.

For kids and for parents, there’s an increased risk of overindulging on candy and other sweet treats. So Squires recommended relying on advice used for other high-calorie days.(daycare in rego park 11374)

“In many respects, this is a really high-energy day for kids, so you have to make sure that they eat regular balanced meals,” Squires said. “They’ve probably been celebrating during the day at school and then they’ve got a big night coming, too, so make sure they get a good dinner.”

She also said it’s important to remind your kids (and yourself) that it’s a one-night celebration -— with limitations. “Don’t let your kids eat all they want Halloween night; decide ahead of time how much they get to eat,” she said.

“Then, allow them to pick three things they want to eat over the next three days. Put the rest in a bag in the back of the freezer and let it sit there for another time,” she said. Squires said the remaining candy can be pulled out for other special occasions.

(daycare in rego park 11374)

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